• ?Start up since 2006, AFT has a vision for the booming and prosperous retail business in China.
  • ?HQ located in the international city of Hong Kong, and with offices in Panyu, Shanghai, and Beijing, AFT acquires the latest and most valuable?market intelligence from the Intimate Apaprel industry.
  • ?Thrive for excellence in quality, innovation, design, and services provided to our customers.
  • ?Introduced the French brand ELLE to China in 2006 as one of the very first international fashion brands in the market.


  • ?Positioned in the market as a high fashionable brand with outstanding design, constant innovation and sustainable quality across all its products.
  • ?International brand from France with affordable and middle price range from RMB 200 – 300 for lingerie.
  • ?Target customer segment: Working Women in the age of 25 – 35, open-minded and dynamic, happy to feel new experiences in life.
  • ?Bring in the Parisian lifestyle to China which is a blend of elegance, freedom, independence, and audacity.
  • ?Provide customers with unique brand experience of exquisite femininity and accessible fashion.



  • ?AFT provides a vast variety of product ranges to the customers in China
  • ?Basic and fashion lingerie – to cater the needs of customers in both their day-to-day and special occasions
  • ?Sleepwear and loungewear – both sexy and traditional styles are covered for our customers
  • ?Shapewear – niche but valuable market in China with a?growing awareness and demand in body shapes



  • ?Creative design team in Hong Kong with?a continuous?exposure to the fashion world in all developed countries.
  • ?Professional product development team aimed to provide our customers with the European design mixed with the local Chinese fitting.
  • ?With the synergies with other companies in The Bogart Group, AFT can provide the best product in terms of speed, quality, design and innovation.
  • ?With the culture of learning and change, AFT constantly thrives for improvement in product and services, and broadens the horizon of our employees.



  • ?AFT comprises with three major business models – Franchising, self-operating shops, and E-commerce.
  • ?Franchising – started in 2014, it is one of the most popular business models in China, able to expand the business in a fastest way, yet with lower risk and capital required.
  • ?Services to our franchisees and the uniqueness of our products are the key drivers for our success in Franchising
  • ?Sales network has covered more than 40 cities in China and quickly building up the brand awareness in the market.